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Project spotlight: A new and beautiful kitchen remodel without a hefty price tag!

Kitchens are typically one of the most expensive areas of a home to remodel, and kitchen remodels come in all shapes and sizes. Some homeowners create their dream kitchen because their current kitchen feels outdated, while other homeowners will undergo a kitchen remodel after a kitchen disaster – like a flood or fire. And, when disaster strikes, homeowners often have a limited budget (after insurance coverage) for finishing the kitchen. Luckily, a beautiful kitchen remodel can be done in an economical manner.

We recently worked with a family who fell into the latter category. A kitchen fire took a good portion of the kitchen, including the cabinets, countertop, stove and fan. The kitchen needed to be redone, but for a limited budget. In this specific instance, as the homeowner was only able to spend their deductible, we worked with the insurance company to determine how much the homeowner would receive through an insurance payout and used that number to determine the final estimate cost. We also worked with the homeowners ensure they would have no out of pocket expense other than their deductible.

Once we had the budget determined as well as the to do list for the remodel, it came time to create the plan and get the materials. Below please find the changes made to the kitchen:


The first thing we looked at was the layout of the kitchen. As this kitchen is on the smaller side, we didn’t have much to work with. We kept the layout of the sidewall with the fridge and range the same to cut back on cost and removed the shelving on the back wall that led to the basement. When you enter the kitchen, we also removed the shelving and table on the left wall and replaced it with “L” shaped bottom cabinets and a breakfast bar.

We ordered Arcadia brand cabinets from CNC Cabinetry to fit within the new layout. The cabinets ordered were a higher quality cabinet than the homeowners originally had, yet they still fit in the budget allotted.


The homeowners chose a mosaic tile backsplash that we coordinated with the color of the new cabinets, countertops and wall paint to ensure the room was cohesive in design.


We installed a new 3cm Calrdonian granite countertop with a half bullnose edge as well as a new stainless sink and faucet in the same location as the old sink.


The old kitchen has a center light fixture which we removed and replaced with recessed lighting.


As the kitchen fire started on the stove, we needed to replace the range and range-hood. We also replaced the fridge, and dishwasher to match the new aesthetic of the range. The new fridge had an ice maker which required us to rough in a new plumbing line. The homeowner chose Kenmore appliances in a stainless-steel finish for the new appliances. Additionally, as the homeowners originally had a countertop microwave that was destroyed in the fire, we also got a new countertop microwave to match the aesthetic of the other appliances.


The homeowners chose to paint the kitchen a neutral gray color called Evening Shadow from Sherwin Williams.

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