Make a New Year's resolution for your home

For many, the start of a new year brings with it the opportunity for change or betterment. And while many people are committing to personal change this year, others may be considering a change for their home.

After all, home is where we spend much of our time. Home is where families and friends gather, and memories are made – so it deserves to be a place you are proud of. As we ring in the new year, here are some resolutions for your home to consider:


Each year most of us purchase, receive and bring a large amount of stuff into the home. This increased clutter can make your home look dated and dirty. This year, make a resolution to clear your home of anything you don’t use or love and donate these items to charity. To help create a clean look, clear kitchen and bathroom counters of everything you don’t use daily.

And, as all the decluttering in the world can’t make up for bringing less stuff into your house, think twice about what you purchase or bring into your home this year.

Check your detectors

While checking carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be done more regularly, this new year make safety a priority and start the year off ensuring they’re in working order. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every home with at least one fuel-burning appliance/heater, attached garage or fireplace. According to Kidde, these alarms should be located on every level of the home and in sleeping areas, and each alarm should be tested weekly by pressing the test/reset button. Smoke detectors should be tested monthly and batteries should be replaced twice a year. While you’re at it, radon should be tested every two years – when was the last time you had your radon level tested in your home?

And, while not an alarm or emergency detector, it is important to watch for dryer lint and clean the vents and ducts behind the dryer as lint is highly combustible, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, accounting for more than 15,000 building fires a year.

Financially prepare for home remodeling

Some families may dream up a large home remodel, but the potential financial investment can be intimidating. If this is you, make a resolution this year to save for that specific project, and figure out your financing options so your dream can become reality sooner rather than later. It is also important to speak with and receive estimates from potential contractors for your project, so you have a better idea of how much to budget. Taking these first steps will help you feel more accomplished and ready when the time comes to begin the project.

Pick a project that you’ve been wanting to update and do it

Some home improvement projects don’t require a large budget to be done effectively. Determine which projects you can do yourself, and which you need to bring in help. Let the contractor know your budget and come up with a plan to achieve the look you desire while sticking to that financial figure. Whether its updating the décor in the living room or a full kitchen remodel, be sure to take before and after photos to increase your sense of accomplishment. Here are some projects ideas to get you started:

  • Update your décor. Sometimes updating the color paint on the wall, a few pillows and accessories is enough to make a room feel instantly more up-to-date. As many décor trends seem to come and go with the seasons, opt to include more timeless pieces with a splash of fun trendy pieces instead of a full on-trend look. This will allow you to update your room depending on the trend more frequently without spending too much.

  • Fix your front door. A new front door instantly enhances curb appeal and is often a cost effective, quick home renovation. If your front door doesn’t need to be replaced, simply refinish or repaint it for the same effect.

  • Kitchen. For many the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the place where they spend the most amount of time. If the thought of redoing the kitchen is overwhelming, talk to a contractor who can help you create a timeline that works for you. Or start small, declutter the space so you know how much storage you really need when the time to remodel comes.

  • Bathroom. Updating your bathroom can have a major impact on your home. In addition to adding storage or reorganizing to create more counterspace in smaller rooms, bathroom remodels tend to make even the smallest spaces feel larger, brighter and more inviting. Bathrooms should do more than serve just a functional purpose, they should be beautiful and relaxing.

  • Living room. Need more living space this new year? Consider updating your basement to make more useful living space, or adding an addition to your home. Adding additional space to your home may help your family feel a bit less cramped and create a place for hobbies and entertainment, a new home office, a new bedroom, or a new place for the family to come together.

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