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Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim Reconstruction and Repair – Fire, Smoke, Water and Storm Damages


Unfortunately, accidents and unforeseen incidents occur. Your home suffered major damage and significant repairs are needed.


RJE can help. Filing a claim and dealing with your insurance company can be a long, stressful process. This is where you need to be prepared to talk with the insurance company, and the adjuster, to be able to point out and accurately assess the damages to your property. This is why it is very helpful to have someone knowledgeable there who can speak the adjuster’s “lingo”. At RJE we are here to make sure that your insurance company pays you fairly and correctly. We are experienced professionals that will help you with the entire process, making everything simple and easy for you to get your claim resolved faster, get the work completed and help you get back to normal quickly.


  1. Explain and inform you of the claim process.

  2. Advise you of your rights and responsibilities in the damage claim process.

  3. Assistance on submitting a claim.

Investigation & Inspection Process

  1. Research cause of damages for claim.

  2. Onsite damage assessment with insurance adjuster

  3. Report necessary steps required to bring insured property back to pre-loss condition.

  4. Gather pertinent information to justify claim including accurate measurements and detailed images.


  • Estimate preparation and approval


  1. Prepare estimate using the same estimate software as the insurance company.

  2. Submit estimate to both you and the insurance company.

  3. Thoroughly discuss, explain and negotiate the estimate contents with the insurance adjuster for approval as well as you, the insured



  • Estimate review and explanation


  1. We will meet and review complete estimate, line by line, with you. We will answer all questions and discuss in detail all work to be completed.

Reconstruction Services

  1. You will be all be assigned with an onsite foreman and a project manager for all projects that will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project. .

  2. We will perform all needed replacement and repairs as per our agreed estimate.

  3. We contact and prepare supplemental estimates for insurance company payout if and when additional work is needed due to claim (Supplemental insurance payments for unseen damages upon initial scope).

  4. RJE will manage complete project from beginning to completion as seamlessly as possible:

    • We work every weekday (and sometimes weekends), every consecutive week until your project is 100% completed.

    • Efficiently coordinate all aspects of renovation.

    • Secure needed Permits

    • We ensure regular communication with you for status updates, completed and upcoming work.

    • Provide Timeline for Work

    • Coordinate any needed subcontracted and specialty work (ie: electrical, plumbing, HVAC work.)

“After every storm there is a rainbow. If you have wisdom you will create it...”

Shannon L. Alder

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