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Annual spring cleaning check-list

Spring is here and it’s time to clean up the mess and clutter of winter – it’s time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning!

When the spring cleaning bug hits it can be an all or nothing approach for many people. And while that may be possible for some, it can be very overwhelming. If tackling the whole house at once seem outright impossible, try focusing on just one room at a time to make sure everything you want to get done gets done.

With so many people focusing on achieving a deep clean while spring cleaning, we put together this list of surfaces and areas of your home that may be overlooked during your normal routine cleaning. Tackling this list is a perfect start (or addition) to your spring cleaning.

Window cleaning


All fall and winter long dirt, dust and grime build up on windows, making them cloudy and harder to see. When the warm weather hits, it’s a good idea to give your windows a deep clean.

Start out with your favorite store-bought or homemade cleaning solution and make sure to scrub the inside and outside of your windows. It’s likely you clean the inside of your windows regularly, so make sure to focus on the side facing the outdoors! Many people have a preferred method for washing their windows – sponge, cloth, squeegee, paper towels – no matter your favorite method, spring is a good time to ensure they are clean.

clean sliding door and window tracks

Sliding door and window tracks

In addition to ensuing your windows are clean pay attention to window (and sliding door) tracks! Typically, these areas are not at the top of our cleaning to-do lists, but it’s amazing how much dirt and debris will collect in the tracks. In addition to the horizonal tracks at the top and bottom of the window (and sliding door), be sure to clean the vertical tracks to make sure dirt doesn’t build up to a point where they become difficult to open.

Start out by removing as much of the dry debris as possible. Use a toothbrush or small brush to loosen the dirt and a shop-vac to pull it away. Once the dry debris is away, use a sponge (or paper towels or a cloth, etc.) with your favorite cleaning solution to clean the area. It might seem like a lot of work, but you will be grateful you did it when the windows are open during the spring season!

spring cleaning walls

Baseboards, door frames and walls

Some of the most overlooked surfaces of the home are baseboards, doorframes and walls. These surfaces can gather dust and debris throughout the year and should be cleaned more regularly than we realize. Vacuum baseboard and doorframes first to removed dust and then wipe down all surfaces with a damp (not soaking wet!) sponge or cloth to freshen and clean these surfaces.

clean carpets


Another way to refresh a room is to get the carpets cleaned by a professional – your carpets will feel, look and smell like new! It is recommended to get carpets cleaned at least once a year to extend the life of your carpets, sanitize, deodorize and reduce allergens and bacteria in your home.

clean under appliances

Clean under furniture and appliances

When was the last time the space under your fridge, dishwasher or couch was cleaned? You’d be surprised how much dirt, dust and debris can gather under your furniture and appliances. At least once a year try to move your couch, chairs, coffee table and areas rugs before vacuuming – or getting the carpets cleaned! While you’re at it, move kitchen and laundry room appliances away from the wall to vacuum behind or underneath them. Moving these appliances may be tricky as there are typically wires to connect them to a power and/or water source, so only move them as much as you can!

clean drapes and curtains

Window treatments

For many, curtains and drapes may be awkward or clumsy to clean. Luckily, they rarely need a deep wash. To clean curtains and drapes use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum to remove dust. If you have shutters instead, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe down and clean the hard surfaces.

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