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Basement - From Wet to Wow!

What do you do when your hot water heater fails and floods your basement? Call RJE Home Remodeling! RJE goes the extra mile to return your property to not just the way it was but the way it should be! RJE works with your insurance company and handles all repairs and improvements so you don't have to. We took great care in removing Mr Wisniewski's furniture, cleaning, repairing the damage, repainting and upgrading his Man Cave! So the next time you need help, or are looking to improve your home's appearance and value, call RJE Home Remodeling and let our highly experienced and skilled craftsmen transform your home!

On 5/17/20, my water heater burst and my wife and I pumped and vacuumed the water from my basement. We replaced it the next day. On 5/20/20, I called Allstate and filed a claim. On 5/21/20, the wet rugs were removed and fans and dehumidifiers were placed in my basement for 4 days. During that time period, my wife and I met with Anthony Zanolli from RJE Home Remodeling to discuss repairing the damage. On 6/1/20, We met again with Anthony so he could take pictures and estimate the damage. He advised us that it may take some time for the paperwork to be processed at his facility and at Allstate. Until 7/8/20 when the contract with RJE was finalized, I spoke with adjuster Dan Woznicki, Anthony and Kristin a number of times keeping me informed of the progress of my claim. On 7/8/20, the contract was signed and estimated start date was 7/27/20 and estimated completion date was 8/11/20. The work began on 7/31/20 and was completed on 8/12/20. Rob, John and DJ who are RJE employees and the workers who completed the repairs in my basement were professional, competent and personable.

Every contact with RJE was very professional. Every employee that my wife and I had contact made a difficult situation easier to endure. The work started and finished when estimated. My basement looks better now than it did when the work started. I recommend without reservation RJE Home Remodeling for any projects or repairs that any home owner might consider. Thanks again everyone!


Loretta Carroll

John Wisniewski

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