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Tough Decision: Is it time to remodel the bathroom or kitchen?

If you live in an older home – or a newer home that is just not your style, you’ve likely considered taking on a remodeling project. From a design or layout update to a complete upgrade of an older, non-functioning room, the reasons to remodel are endless.

But, if you want – or need – to remodel both your kitchen and bathroom, you may be wondering which to do first. For many, the financial investment, time commitment and invasive nature of remodeling projects in general makes it near impossible to consider doing both remodels at the same time. So, you’re faced with an important, and interesting decision – which remodel comes first.

If you were expecting a clear answer, unfortunately I’m not about to tell you which to do first, as it’s a very personal decision. Instead, I will help you determine which YOU feel you should do first. To do that, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

What is your budget?

While kitchen and bathroom remodels both come with a decent price tag, kitchen remodels tend to be more expensive as there is usually more square footage associated with the project and there is more involved in a kitchen remodel. Look at how much you can afford to spend on a remodel right now to help you determine which project is feasible. And, if you’re unsure how much the projects will be, reach out to a qualified contractor to get a quote for both projects. It may also be worth asking whether there is a discount or special deal if you do both projects at the same time (or back to back) as the contractor won’t need to pack up and move out before coming back.

Which room can your family do without?

Both kitchen and bathroom remodels are disruptive to day to day life. Depending on your family and your home one may be less disruptive and therefore easier to do than the other. For example, if you live in a one bath home, a bathroom remodel will remove access to the toilet, shower and sink for a few days, meaning you may need to stay elsewhere during the project. A kitchen remodel, in this case, may be more feasible as there are more options for eating out as well as the option to make a temporary kitchen in another area of your home to ease the disruption.

What is your time-frame?

Do you have a specific deadline you need, or would like, to have the project complete by? If so, a bathroom remodel is typically faster to complete than a kitchen remodel as there is less square footage and materials involved.

Are you looking to sell your home soon?

The answer here is tricky. While both kitchen and bathroom remodels prove to have a good return on investment when homeowners go to sell, kitchens tend to be a focus point for buyers and are arguably better, even though they are typically more expensive. That said, in addition to the return, you should consider how long you plan to live in your home after the remodel. If you’re remodeling to sell it may be a better idea to do more minor updates, such installing a new countertop and painting the cabinets to refresh the look of the room without breaking the bank – depending of course on the current condition of the room.

Which room needs the most updating?

This may seem like a silly and obvious question to ask, but which room needs more work. If your kitchen is older, falling apart or you use tricks to get the appliances working and the cabinets to close it will prove to be a smarter investment to start in the kitchen.

No matter the decision, kitchen and bathroom remodels are important and everyone will notice the changes you make. The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the place where friends and family gather – it’s a place for socialization and deserves to be a place you want to entertain in. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are more personal spaces where we take care of ourselves and our bodies. They also deserve to be a place you want to be in. Both remodels are important.

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