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Project Spotlight: Benefit of a finished basement

Completing an unfinished basement will help homeowners find more living space within their home for children to play, family and friends to gather, or daily enjoyment. Even finishing a part of the basement will provide homeowners with increased satisfaction of their home.

We recently worked with a homeowner who was interested in creating a partial finished basement for their home, leaving some unfinished space for a workshop and storage room. In order to accomplish this task, we worked with the homeowners to determine how much space, and where they wanted the unfinished area to be located. We then framed out the basement to separate the unfinished workshop and storage room areas from the main area and from each other. As the unfinished rooms were going to be behind closed doors we made sure to add ceiling lights so the homeowners could work in the workshop and find items in the storage area. That said, a large part of our focus was in finished the main area of the basement.

In order to finish the main area of the basement, we framed and installed drywall in the main area of the basement and installed a new carpet. We also installed a drywall ceiling with 13 recessed lights each complete with dimmer switches. We also added outlets in the finished area. To address the increase in electric in the house, we added new breakers.

Lastly, we opened the stairwell wall facing into the main area of the basement and installed an exposed railing, providing a more open look to the space.

The homeowners are quite pleased with their new basement as it provides just the additional space they wanted.

Check out some of our completed jobs in the portfolio link below! While you are on our site, look around for ideas for other parts of your home to remodel and improve.

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