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Considering natural stone for your kitchen remodel? Take note of these natural stone facts.

Natural stone, such as granite and marble, is frequently used in residential settings for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is considered one of the most beautiful materials available as each piece is unique and the look of natural stone fits into a variety of decors and styles.

While natural stone is certainly popular, especially among remodelers, man-made countertop materials, such as quartz, are quickly gaining popularity, making homeowners question the practicality of natural stone.

Homeowners who are considering investing in a natural stone countertop should take note of these natural stone facts:

natural stone countertop

Natural stone can fit in budgets of most sizes

Many people assume that because natural stone is used in high-end projects that it is out of reach for homeowners with more modest budgets. That’s simply just not true. In fact, natural stone is often similar in price to many man-made materials, and depending on the material may actually be cheaper. For most projects, the final cost of the stone depends on a variety of factors including availability, demand, movement of the slab and color.

Staining of natural stone may be treated

It is not uncommon for homeowners to be concerned about the potential for staining when considering natural stone. While staining may occur on stones that are lighter in color, most stains are treatable, especially if you know the origin of the stain. It is also important to note that certain natural stones are like granite are harder and more stain resistant versus softer stones like marble. Choosing granite over marble will achieve a similar look while providing less of a worry.

natural stone backsplash

Natural stone may be delicate

Softer stones may be more delicate and susceptible to scratching, but by taking a few preventative steps scratches can be prevented. In the kitchen, use a cutting board, especially when working with acidic foods and use coasters and trivets under glasses and hot pans. In both the kitchen and the bathroom clean up spills and liquid as quickly as possible. In general, harsh cleaning products should be avoided to protect the surface of the stone.

Natural stone never goes out of style

It seems like every year there are new trends homeowners want to follow in kitchen and bath remodels, and while style has changed throughout the years one thing has stayed consistent, the use of natural stone to achieve the look of a dream project. The look of natural stone has stood the test of time and as it offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, fits into many decors.

If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the project managers at RJE would be happy to help you determine which countertop material works best with your lifestyle and décor.

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