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Outdoor spring cleaning projects

While many people associate spring cleaning with an indoor to-do list, there are many outdoor projects that are perfect for this time of year – as spring has the best weather to ensure the job is done correctly.

After months spent indoors, many people want to get outdoors. In addition to spending time going for walks, planting flowers, trees and bushes, caring for your lawn and relaxing with friends and family, the warmer weather provides a wonderful opportunity to tackle some home improvement projects that may not even be on your radar.

Exterior Paint

Does your home need a little freshening up? If you have paintable siding, spring is the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint, or to update the color of your home. If your home does not have paintable siding, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to columns, trim and your front door. In general, an exterior paint job lasts about 10 years, so you will want to make sure it’s done correctly from the start. And, in between full paint jobs, consider touching up areas that might need it, which can help prolong the life of your siding, trim, columns or door. Updating your home with fresh paint can not only make your house look like new, it can make your house one of the most beautiful on the block.

Power Wash

While many people will focus on cleaning the interior of their home, the exterior of your home may need a deep cleaning after a particularly rough winter. Having your home's exterior, windows, decks, patios and walkways power-washed will clean away the grime that builds during the winter months, preventing the growth of mold and mildew, and making your home look clean and bright. If you are new to the idea of power-washing your home, or unsure about it, talk to a professional.

Gutter Maintenance

When was the last time you checked your home’s gutter system? This drainage system diverts thousands of gallons of water away from your home’s exterior siding, foundation and landscape and should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent water damage. Gutters should be cleaned and repaired (when necessary) in the early spring before the heavy rain begins, in late autumn after the leaves have fallen and after any big storms. Clogs are common around downspouts, so be sure to check those areas closely. Use a garden hose to run water through the clean gutter system and check for leaks.

Seasonal Change

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to pack away shovels, salt, scrapers and other winter gear until next year. Be sure to clean these supplies and pack them away before bringing out your gardening and lawn-care tools. This is also the perfect time to service your snow blower before it gets put away for the season. While you’re at it, its also a good time to service your lawnmower, weedwacker and other lawn-care supplies to ensure they’re all ready for use.

Outdoor Furniture

Before relaxing outdoors on your deck, porch, or patio, clean and repair your outdoor furniture to make sure it didn’t get ruined or become a home for surprise visitors (i.e. bugs) during the winter season.

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