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Spring home improvement projects

Spring has (officially) sprung! While the weather still needs to get the memo, you’re likely ready to shake off the cabin fever, get outside and tackle some home improvement projects.

Spring is a popular time for home remodeling and improvement projects. After spending so much time indoors, its common to feel like your home needs a bit of freshening up. From minor paint and decor changes to large-scale remodels, now is the time to decide which projects are worth adding to your spring and summer to-do list. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some popular home improvement and remodeling projects.

Paint a room

Refresh a room

Sometimes a slight refresh is all that is needed to make the space feel vibrant and welcoming again. Try a fresh coat of paint – or a new color all together to create a new look for your room. Add in a few new pieces of decor, such as a fun vase or pillows to create an on-trend room with pops of color and no large overhaul. If you don’t need or want to update paint or decor, getting the carpets cleaned by a professional is a great way to refresh a room – your carpets will feel, look and smell like new!

prepping soil for plants


At the beginning of every spring season homeowners rush to their local home and garden stores to buy trees, bushes, flowers, mulch, seed and other items needed to enhance outdoor living and garden spaces. Before you make way to the store – or plant your new purchases – be sure to prepare the ground for fresh plantings. Pull out any plants that didn’t make it though the winter, trim bushes and trees and turn over the soil.

When looking for plants, take into consideration your climate, the condition of your soil, how frequently you water, and the amount of sunlight an area gets. Only look for plants that will thrive in the conditions of your property. For a simple look, focus on adding greenery with a pop of color.

backyard patio

Enhance outdoor space

Outdoor living space can make or break your spring, summer and early fall seasons. If you’ve been saving up and this is your year, try adding a pergola, deck or patio to create space for friends and family to gather. If your home already has adequate outdoor living space, consider purchasing new or additional outdoor furniture to create a fun and relaxing environment.

kitchen remodel

Kitchen or Bath remodel

Spending so much time indoors during the winter season may just bring to light the necessity of a larger kitchen or bathroom remodel. If this is the year to commit to a large-scale remodel, consider hiring an expert who can map out the space and create a layout that will be perfect for you, your family and your lifestyle. For more information on kitchen or bathroom remodels, check out our blog post on what to expect during your remodel.

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