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Where to spend your money during your kitchen remodel

Your home is a direct reflection of you, your family, your priorities and how you live. Because of this, there are no hard and fast rules for what it should look like. Likewise, if you’re looking to remodel your home, where you spend your money will reflect what’s important for you and your lifestyle.

The kitchen is often said to be one of the most valuable rooms in a home – not only because it is where family and friends tend to gather, but because you’ll typically see a good return on your investment when its time to sell. That said, there are seemingly unlimited choices available for kitchen renovations, making it very easy to both stay within, and go out of budget. No matter your budget it is important to be wise with how you choose to spend your money and more specifically when deciding where to splurge and where to save.

To help you figure out where you can splurge or save in your upcoming kitchen remodel, look at the below list.

kitchen cabinets


There is a huge variance in price and quality of cabinetry on the market today. In fact, many of today’s mid-range priced cabinets offer a high-end look without the high-end price tag. If you’re on a tight budget you can save on the price of the cabinets by opting for veneer over solid wood, but be sure to splurge on the functionality, such as soft closures or high-quality hardware, to ensure the duration of the cabinets for years to come. And, when it comes to the installation, its best to let the pros take care of it.

kitchen hardware


Knobs, pulls and handles can change the look of cabinets and the kitchen as a whole – and are available at every price point. For the most part, cabinet knobs, pulls and handles offer an affordable way to refresh an existing kitchen or add a fun or unique design element to a remodeled space.

kitchen countertop


From laminate to manmade and natural stone, there are a variety of countertop options available in a wide range of prices. While laminate is the cheapest, if you’re looking to make a statement it may be best to go with a manmade or natural stone – both of which can be more affordable than you think. Work with your contractor to come up with a stone that will work for the space, provide a wow factor and stay in budget.

tile backsplash


The amount of tile options available can honestly be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a premium look without a premium price tag mix materials and patterns and don’t be afraid of incorporating a lower priced tile with accents of a more premium tile.

kitchen appliances


There is such an array of appliances available today, seemingly at every price point. It can be very tempting to go with the top of the line range or oven, but it’s more important to be practical and look for appliances that will suit your family’s needs. If you are a family that loves to cook, you will likely use them quite often, and it may be okay to splurge a little to ensure you purchase appliances that you will love. Either way, look for energy efficient appliances and be sure to do research and use coupons to make sure you’re getting the best price around!

kitchen flooring


Swapping out existing carpeting for hardwoods or refinishing existing hardwoods is a simple way to make a noticeable change to a room and provide value to your home. In fact, hardwood floors are one of the most common requests from potential home buyers.

Our best piece of advice, if you’re looking to stick within your budget talk to your contractor, they will be able to help you pick out products that will achieve the look you want at a price you feel comfortable with.

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