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Project Spotlight: The addition of living space

These homeowners, a young family, were looking to expand their home to create more living space by adding an addition. Traditionally, many people think of an addition as space added to the ground floor of a home, but this family wanted to add on to the second story of their home to specifically create bedrooms and separate them from the rest of the living space on the first floor.

The original layout of the home included a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor with the remaining rooms on the first floor. While the original space worked for the family for many years, they had recently welcomed a new baby and wanted a space that would better work for their new family dynamic.

RJE Home worked with the young family to create the updated layout and addition to the second floor of the home. This new space allowed for three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

While the focus of this project was creating the addition on the second floor, eventual projects could include opening up the ground floor to update the living space of the home.

Scroll through the gallery below to check out some before and after images of the project.

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