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First impression of your home (the first things people will notice)

We can't be the only ones to have heard that first impressions matter, in all aspects of life. Going on a first date? First impressions matter. Going to an event? First impressions matter. Selling your home? First impressions matter. Having visitors to your home? First impressions matter.

People make quite a lot of judgments based on first impressions. You likely wouldn’t wear stained sweatpants on a first date; instead you want to look presentable. Likewise, when it comes to your home, you should aim to make a wonderful first impression on friends, family, neighbors, visitors, guests and potential buyers (if that’s where you’re at).

Below we’ve compiled a list of areas of the home where people are likely to make an impression.

curb appeal

Curb appeal

The exterior to your home is immensely important, as most people will start to form an impression of you and your home from the moment they pull up. Peeling paint, torn siding, dirty windows and overgrown plants don’t make nearly as good an impression as the a neatly landscaped property, freshly painted front door, clean siding and windows.

  • Landscaping

  • Depending on the season, keeping trees and bushes pruned and adding in splashes of color with flowers will help your home look and feel more inviting.

  • Front door

  • The front door of any home takes quite a beating. Try adding a fresh coat of paint to spruce up your front door.

  • Windows and siding

  • Keep windows and siding clean. Try power washing the exterior of your home after the winter to keep the grime at bay.

  • Porch

  • If you have a front porch, add planters with flowers and a place to sit to make your home happy.

  • Overall cleanliness

  • Your driveway, mailbox, lawn and other aspects of the exterior of your home all contribute to the first impression. Keep them clean and neat to maintain a good impression.

cluttered kitchen

Remove the clutter

While it may seem like people don’t care, most people do indeed take note of how clean and organized a home is when they enter it and compare it to their own. An over cluttered home can distract guests and visitors and make them feel like your home is overwhelming, and perhaps unwelcoming. Make sure your home looks lived in and comfortable without being a dumping ground for toys, paper or other excess.



As the kitchen is the heart of any home, often serving as a place where people gather, its important to make sure your kitchen is clean and organized. Any crumbs on the counter or floor, dirty dishes in the sink or piles of clean dishes on the drying rack may make people feel like your home is a bit disorderly.

Bathroom Vanity


The bathroom is where most people will likely judge you based on your personal hygiene and upkeep - especially if you have a smaller home with only one bathroom - so make sure surfaces are clean, the toilet is stain free, it smells nice and is pleasant for guests to use. No one likes walking into a bathroom with toothpaste splatter on the mirror, hair on the floor or an empty toilet paper roll.

Kitchen Floor


If flooring is clean and well up kept, it tends to be something people barely notice, however if the carpets are stained, or there is pet hair or dust bunnies along the walls people may notice and feel like your home is unclean.


Guests often have the ability to pick up on scents that not even your nose can detect. As you are in your environment all the time, you are likely to not recognize scents that you are used to, even if they are bad smells coming from food, pets or cigarettes. Just like guests will pick up on bad smells, they will also react positively to nice scents, such as those from a candle or diffuser. Make sure to air out your home and make it smell fresh and clean before guests come over!

People are often quick to make a first impression, especially if it’s their first time meeting you or entering your home. And, as first impressions tend to stick around, it may be in your best interest to put your best foot forward and ensure your guests make a positive one.

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